Laser skin rejuvenation

Woman's face after laser rejuvenation

For your beauty and youth, are you ready to undergo surgery by a surgeon? Don't rush to this radical approach. Laser skin rejuvenation is an excellent alternative to complex surgery, which has been used by many successful Hollywood stars. The ability to restore skin youthfulness, increase skin tone, remove mimicry and deep wrinkles, and slightly tighten the oval shape of the face will not have unpleasant consequences in the form of seams and puffiness.

Fractional laser skin rejuvenation is very suitable for people who are busy and always in a hurry. It can also be done during lunch time. The effectiveness of this procedure has been proven by many practitioners and patients in beauty clinics.

What is the essence of the method?

The laser beam penetrates into the skin, heats the inner layer and activates the contraction of old collagen fibers, which really initiates the cell regeneration process. At the same time, the patient will not feel pain, only a slight tingling sensation-the beautician uses professional equipment to control the intensity of the laser irradiation (from 0. 2 to 0. 5 milliseconds).

According to the nature of the problem to be solved and the patient's expectations, a personal restoration course is offered. Usually, 3 to 5 procedures are sufficient, of which at least one month's rest period must be observed. Since the production process of elastin and collagen is activated, the skin needs to rest for a long time. Each subsequent session will consolidate the results of the first time, so after six months, the patient will observe a complete change in his appearance. If necessary, the doctor can also prescribe a rapid rejuvenation course, which includes 5 laser treatments every 5 days. However, using this technique, the results can only be stored for 1-2 years.

This procedure is only performed on cleaned skin, therefore, it is not recommended to apply makeup before going to a beautician. In addition, before the laser treatment, the doctor will use scrubs and exfoliating ingredients to remove rough skin cells and impurities in the pores. Anesthetics can also be used as needed. After laser irradiation, it is important to slightly soothe the skin; for this, use moisturizers and lotions.

Benefits of laser facial rejuvenation:

  • Long-term effect (a complete course of treatment can prevent skin aging for 5-7 years).
  • Completely safe (no surgical intervention can prevent skin infection or inflammation).
  • Long-term recovery is not required (laser will not leave wounds and cut scars on the skin).

Since there are no side effects and it can be combined with other methods that affect beauty, the procedure is usually included in the skin rejuvenation complex.

Despite the many advantages of laser irradiation, there are still many contraindications. If these contraindications occur, the doctor will either postpone the laser treatment for a period of time or provide another method of rejuvenation. The following is a list of main contraindications:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • There is an inflammatory process in the skin treatment area.
  • Active psoriasis and skin diseases.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Blood coagulation disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.
  • Varicose veins in the surgical area.
  • Prone to vitiligo and the formation of diploid scars.

For patients who had undergone chemical exfoliation the day before (2 weeks ago), laser skin rejuvenation is not recommended.

What can you expect from laser rejuvenation?

Due to the fast treatment speed and no pain, local facial rejuvenation is considered to be a very popular procedure among the visitors of cosmetic clinics. The effects of laser exposure that patients noticed include:

  • Form a clear oval face.
  • Smoothes scars and eliminates the effects of acne.
  • Reduces pigmentation and restores a healthy complexion.
  • Improve skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Reduce the number of wrinkles and eliminate eye crow's feet.

Only by following some recommendations of the beautician, it is possible to obtain such results. Therefore, within 3-5 days after laser rejuvenation, it is not recommended to take a bath, sauna, or hot bath. In order for the skin to recover better and faster, you must also limit your exposure to the sun.

Complex facial rejuvenation

The medical center provides comprehensive cosmetic surgery to help eliminate the first signs of aging and restore water balance and skin cell regeneration. Laser skin rejuvenation does not require a long period of recovery. It shows the effect almost immediately after the operation, allowing you to get rid of wrinkles and do everything you can to make them appear quickly next time.

Experts at the center develop individual treatment plans for patients, consider existing contraindications, and help choose other procedures that will enhance and consolidate results.