Odry Cream Buy in Pharmacy

Why is Odry Cream not sold in pharmacies in Bulgaria

Many times, buyers will ask if they can buy anti-aging products in pharmacies and where they can buy face creams. Unfortunately, the product is not sold in pharmacy chain stores because it is not a medicine. Odry Cream is a product at the intersection of medicine and cosmetics, which combines the latest developments in dermatology and traditional cosmetic forms. For this reason, this cream is neither suitable for various pharmacies, nor for cosmetics stores. The manufacturer decided to sell anti-aging creams through the official website. This method has several advantages:

  • You have purchased anti-counterfeiting insurance;
  • Buyers will surely receive products with suitable shelf life;
  • You will not overpay the markups of pharmacy chain stores and multi-brand cosmetics stores;
  • You can order the cream at any convenient time.

How to order cream in Bulgaria: Just fill in the feedback form and wait for the manager's call. You pay for the purchase at the post office, so you don't need to take any risk.